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... have you already recorded your music or do you have a pre-production that needs to be taken to another level? Send me everything, I can develop your idea by giving it a professional sound!


Give the final touch to your mix! A Mastering service realized at my professionally treated studio.

Make your music ready to be promoted


You have a musical idea and you'd like to call it "a song"? Show me where you are and, together, we'll get "till the finish line".


You Don't Like Your Synthetic Sounds? Reamp Them All!

The Best Amp Sim Are Real Ones: Guitar, Bass, Drum Reamping.




I have worked many times with Andrea Saidu and I found him to be a top professional producer. He has an incredible ear for sound and music and is very accomodating to his clients. Apart from being a great engineer and mixer he can help songwriters with musical arrangements and he is very open to any and all ideas. I would endorse Andrea without hesitation and look forward to working with him again.

Conal Doyle


I recorded with Andrea the two debut singles for my "MOSTO" project. He is extremely professional and patient and knows how to add his vision and ideas to the songs, enhancing them. His great musical culture and his excellent instrumentation allow him to record any musical genre.

Davide Canepa (MOSTO)


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Hi, my name is Andrea Saidu and I've been in the music business for more the 15 years, doing Live shows, mixing, mastering and productions.

Nearly all of my clients are indipendent songwriters, I am a singer-songwriter too and I know that, what You need Me to do, is to understand your project and enance it!

The writing process and the arrangement are the first parts of the mix, and I can help you with that too, I look for peculiar sound giving every Artist a personal palette that has to represent his or her project respecting the initial picture that everyone has, more or less, already in his or her mind. I like to keep dynamics alive, louder is not always better for me.

The personal relation between me and the Artist is very important: we're making music, is something intimate, we don't need to be distracted by anything during the process. That's why I like to be very simple and clear with my clients also about the economical side of the work. That's, in my opinion, the only way to build healthy and durable working relations having nothing "in the way" when it's time to make music.

Photo: Andrea Florio - Michela Faccenda

Graphic: Patrik Dolo - Riccardo Guasco