Are you Record Labels, Producers, Media Companies, Solo Artists, Bands Film Production Company or Radio Station? My professional online services have been designed to understand and to realize all your needs.

Good preliminary communication is fundamental for good results. In my job there's no fixed rules and there's no "magic way", but if you clarify me the sound that you are looking for I am sure we'll find it together.


Contact me and talk me about your project.


I require only 50% down payment to start and then the remaining balance after your project is finished and you are satisfied with my work.

The preferred payment method is through PayPal.

You will receive a mp3 copy for final approving and I'll send you the HD version after payment is complete.


Now just choose a service!


As a courtesy to clients, I archive all mixes and masters. If something happen to your original copy, we can provide you with a free digital download (note: Balance Mix&Mastrering is not responsible for lost or damaged archival files already sent).

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